Construction services offered


The main objective of our experts is the quality of the works. Each work is approached with professionalism, to provide every time the same degree of efficiency and reliability.

With an extensive portfolio of works and a team of qualified specialists, Austrodach prides itself on a professional range of services, from the preparation of technical documentation to the completion of the execution.

Our solutions comply with all technical and quality standards, at an affordable price, customized according to the requirements and needs of each beneficiary. The emphasis is on quality, both in terms of the technologies used and the execution of the works.

The Austrodach offer covers most of the technical needs of any project, including:

What do we do?


Basements, terraces and water tanks


Metal plate, metal scales, fiber cement boards

Closures of industrial halls

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Injections, repairs, restorations

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Specialized waterproofing for each project and destination

A superior performance closure of any construction is fundamental, and Austrodach provides modern technologies and high-performance layering to guarantee long-term operation.

  • Double fold system roofs
  • Profiled metal plate roofs (BEMO)
  • Roofs made of metal scales
  • Roofs made of fiber cement boards
  • Ornaments and skylights for roofs
  • Classic type terraces
  • Inverted terraces
  • Green terraces
  • Basements for buildings
  • Foundation


  • Drinking water tanks
  • Wastewater collection tanks
  • Special pools

Restorations and repairs, structural injections!

Any building can suffer damage over time that affects both its life and the possibility of operation. Proper and timely intervention can bring your property back to life and insure it against future damage.

  • The skylight, a small window, open on a roof slope, in order to illuminate and ventilate the space under the roof, is also a decorative architectural element that requires experience and a superior qualification in restoration work.

    We execute, repair or restore skylights and roof ornaments both in old buildings keeping their specificity, but also in new buildings.

  • Waterproofing injections aim to plug cracks in foundations or basements, as a result of casting defects, destruction of waterproofing, etc. They are made in order to prevent water infiltration that would produce undesirable effects. The system with buried packers (ADP 115-13) and injection of two-component SIKA polyurethane resins is used.

Industrial hall closures

Austrodach offers customized solutions for large spaces, to guarantee increased technical efficiency.

The products and systems used meet the requirements for superior performance, to ensure both utility and a pleasing appearance to the projects.

  • composed of two sheets of sheet metal with colored protection system and an insulating core, so-called sandwich panels, are used to make facades, roofs, partition walls or ceilings for industrial buildings, commercial, warehouses, logistics centers, etc.

    The quality of the materials used, the expertise and the seriousness of the specialists of AUSTRODACH PROFILE SRL, constitute the guarantee of your works.

  • Industrial enclosures through the use of ventilated facade technology aims to maintain a constant temperature inside buildings, to save energy and to avoid the appearance of moisture, which can lead to corrosion.

    AUSTRODACH PROFILE SRL has achieved many large objectives through this closure system using high quality products.